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Goodbye (for now) Cleveland! March 21, 2018 16:15

Saying goodbye (for now) to Cleveland!

2017 Jams list December 11, 2017 15:10

2017 was a shitty year BUT we at least had some great releases to get us through it. Enjoy a few of our favorites and follow our weekly list to keep up with new additions at the link below. 

CLICK HERE to follow. 

Cheers to 2018 hopefully not sucking! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Creators Union September 25, 2017 23:28

Dear Friends,

The first two 2 years of Wax Bodega has been an incredible time full of learning, growth and discovery. While we are lucky enough to have such tremendous support from so many of you we recognize an increasing amount of unfortunate events around us. As people It has been a tough year to say the least and we feel it is now more important than ever to step out from the sidelines and get involved where we can.

Each of us at Wax Bodega we have always valued the importance of a positive influence within local communities. As members we’d like to take the opportunity to be a positive influence on our community to be the change that we wish to see in the world.

To do this we’d like to introduce our newest concept, The Creators Union. A division of Wax Bodega dedicated to creating projects that directly impact a wide range of issues on both a local and global level. However we cannot do this on our own, we need the support of our music community to band together and tap into The Creators Union as a platform for all of us to impact those immediately around us.

As our first project we’re keeping things simple. We’re calling on all of us to raise funds for hurricane relief for all our friends who live in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida. We have multiple ways you can do this.

1). PURCHASE PRODUCT - Show your support of The Creators Union by purchasing the our Creators Union long sleeve shirt at the link below. Pre-orders are open now until 10/13/17.

Link -…/the-creators-union-logo-long-sleeve…

2). DONATE - If you are a creator of ANY kind, join the union by offering a percentage of proceeds from a specific product you offer to this months project. Show your support by showing the the below logo on your product. This will indicate to your consumers or fans that portion of your proceeds will be going to The Creators Union. We will provide stickers to you to place on your product. Please email to set up your proceeds.

3). PARTICIPATE & VOLUNTEER - If you live in the Cleveland, OH regional area we invite you to attend our first community meeting. Here we will discuss both local and global issues to determine which we will address next and how we can make and impact together. This will help us determine our next project so please come prepared to share your thoughts!

PROCEEDS EXPLAINED: 10% of the money raised in this project will go towards legally establishing The Creators Union as a non profit organization. The remaining 90% of proceeds will be donated to The American Red Cross in support of relief for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi

Together we can be the change.


Wax Bodega

McCafferty In-Store Performance Videos! July 22, 2017 17:13

Thanks to everyone who came out for this! We had a greta time with you all. 

Sorority Noise In Store Acoustic Performance June 3, 2017 09:58

A couple weeks back our good friend Cam from Sorority Noise stopped by before his show at Mahal's to perform a few songs for us.  Big thanks to Cam and the Sorority Noise boys!  

Enjoy the videos below and make sure to grab their latest record You're Not As ______ As You Think You Are right HERE cause its DAMN good.

Flagship in Cleveland is Now Open! May 13, 2017 15:14

We should posted about this a while ago but hey, 3 months late isn't bad.  If you haven't heard, we're now open in Lakewood, OH.  Here's some photos of the store and a recap video of opening day. 

If you're swinging through the Cleveland, OH area make sure to swing by and say hi.  

Address:  13339 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107. 


Mon - Tours: 10AM - 5PM

Fri - Sat: 12PM - 7PM

Sun: Closed

Vic Mensa July 7, 2016 02:35

Coming off the heels of Chance The Rapper's Coloring Book release Chicago has another heavy hitter, Vic Mensa.  Unfortunately it seems the best music in hip hop hasn't released on vinyl just yet so, we'll be keeping watch for when everything releases on physical format.   For now check out the newest song from Vic Mensa "There's A Lot Going On". 

D*Face - Blink 182's Album Artwork May 24, 2016 12:00

Okay, so just like any "scene kid" who grew up listening to Blink's Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch, I immediately get excited any time Blink announces new music.  But, if you ask any one of my close friends they'll tell that I'm usually too jaded to say I actually like any new music Blink has put out over the recent years.  However this time I was excited.. BUT... not because of the music.  I'm excited because an artist I stumbled upon a few years ago designed their album cover which to me (at the time) just seemed like to completely opposite worlds. 

When I was working at Glamour Kills I found this mural behind our office on Lafayette street just a block away from the Supreme store.  Nothing new since New York is obviously known for street art and murals plastered on any wall a building owner is willing to sell but, this mural just popped like crazy.  After some deep googling I found out this dudes name is Dean Stockton but he goes by the name D*Face.  Quick facts...He's British and he also collaborated with Christina Aguilera on her record cover for Bionic. 

Anyway, you can check out some of his work HERE and a few photos I snagged from his website.   Kudos to Blink for working with a rad artists and here's to hoping I actually like one of their new records.  SKIBA DON'T LET ME DOWN.

- Kyle

Bled Fest Stock May 24, 2016 01:07

Weekly Music Suggestions (Maybe a new thing?) May 17, 2016 23:10

Just like any other self proclaimed "music nerds" we are always on the hunt for new music.  No shit.  But sometimes we find some new tunes we're way into or some times we simply rediscover songs.  Either way, we figured we would share what we're currently listening and maybe you'll find something new.  

Oh! We also included some obvious ones (Cough...Modern Baseball) that you should have already heard by now but just incase you fucked up, we've got you covered. 

Brand New - I Am A Nightmare

Chance The Rapper - Angels 

Modern Baseball - Wedding Singer

Donovan Wolfington - Ollie North

Piebald - Just A Simple Plan

Saying Goodbye to Motion City Soundtrack May 15, 2016 17:07

Motion City Soundtrack, The Spill Canvas, and Microwave came through Seattle last week.  Since I was home taking care of my newly born daughter Dylan, our good friend Kelly Mason was at the show ready to capture all the amazingness I missed.  Despite how amazing having a child is and I certainly wouldn't trade being home with her for anything, I was bummed I couldn't close the door to an over decade of great music and shows. 

When Commit This To Memory came out it hit me out of nowhere.  It was this perfect fusion of melody, story telling, punk, pop, rock and pure energy.  It was truly special. The impact these guys had on me and my friends was incredible and I wish them the best in whatever they are planing do now.   And lets be real...we can only hope this is short term.

Enjoy photos from their last show in Seattle.

- Kyle


Into It. Over It & Pinegrove Live April 25, 2016 23:08

So stoked to share some beautiful photos of Into It. Over It and Pinegrove by our friend Emily Dublin.  

Moose Blood Honey Video & Pre-Order April 20, 2016 10:55

The wait is over!  Moose Blood released their new song "Honey" which can you check out above.  We've also got their new album Plush available for pre-order.  Cant wait to catch these dudes on tour this year.  

New Metz - And we're stoked! April 8, 2016 01:56

 If you don't Metz...I'm sorry. BUT we've got you covered.

New Tiny Moving Parts Music April 8, 2016 00:31


Real Friends Stream "Cold Quicker" April 1, 2016 17:12

Ever wonder how long a polaroid takes to develop? Watch the New Real Friends video for "Cold Quicker". Stoked for the new record!

Citizen | Turnover | Sorority Noise | Milk Teeth at El Corazon in Seattle. March 31, 2016 15:49

It's always awesome having friends roll through Seattle since we're so far removed from our home back east.  Unfortunately I (Kyle) was unable to attend because my wife recently gave birth to our beautiful Daughter on March 18th. Which isn't so's actually pretty amazing!  Anyway, our good friend Kelly Mason helped us out by swinging by the show to photograph the awesomeness that is this tour.  

Check out the full album on our facebook page

Getting To Know Perry Shall March 31, 2016 00:49

If you're a Modern baseball fan then you might have seen Perry Shall's artwork.  If you don't know him...we've got you covered.

Perry's a Philly based artist who's work ranges across illustration, video's, collages and much more. He's probably designed something for one of your favorite bands like Against Me, Pitty Sex, Diarrhea Planet, Modern Baseball, Wavves and Best Coast. 


We met Perry through our friends in Modern Baseball when we started to work on a pre-order package for their new record Holy Ghost.   He'll tell you he's got an tee shirt hoarding "problem"... which, he back's up with proof if you have a second to creep on his instagram. 


We asked Perry if he'd answer a few questions so, here we go...

Wax: I gotta ask to stereotypical question...What influences your art? 

Perry:  It really depends on what the art I'm creating is for. So many things are influential though. People, my surroundings, my mood, music, podcasts, other art. Literally everything and anything makes me look differently at each thing I'm working on.

I don't just do one thing. I do a lot of illustration work but also graphic design, collage, a little painting, etc etc. So I think because of that, it's hard to pin down. It's all spontaneous in a lot of ways too.

Wax: You play in a band called Hound who I assume plays out in Philly often. What would you say makes the Philly music scene different from other cities? 

Perry:   I was born and raised in Philly and have a lot of pride in that. Philly is a very working class city and I think that rubs off on new people that move here. I think there's this struggle to keep things going no matter what. If a house that does shows has to shut down, someone else will open up their basement to do them. If a venue closes, it forces someone else to open a new one. It's been more or less pretty consistent since I started going to shows around the age of 14. Philly isn't necessarily the most welcoming place to live but in the smaller community of punk and things associated with it, it IS very welcoming in most ways. So a lot of people feel like they have their small scene and that can be what they need to feel comfortable in the place the city they live in.

I've been on tour to a million places and not everywhere has it as good as we do. I think Philly will always have a strong music scene. I don't ever see that dying out.

Wax:  (two parter) Growing up buying music I was always drawn to records with "cool" artwork.  To me it was crucial for bands to push the boundaries with their album artwork alongside their music.  How important is the relationship between artists and musicians? And, do you see a shift in that relationship with more and more musicians shifting to digital singles? 

Perry:   I always find that I do my best work when I have a strong line of communication with the band or person I'm working with. I always try to communicate with them through text or in person. It's much easier to shoot the shit so to speak and more easily get a feeling for the person or their lyrics or where they're coming from when you have that kind of connection. 

I've become pretty close with a lot of people I had never met before asking me to do their art. You spend so much time writing songs, recording, putting out records, playing shows, touring etc. Those things are there to express your deepest feelings, emotions, and thoughts to the entire world.

Why shouldn't the art be the same way? The art is the first thing you see when you find out about when you see the record or even the image of the record on the computer or phone or whatever.

Before hearing the band, the artwork says everything you could possibly know about them in one shot. You have to hope whatever it looks like is enough to get someone's attention to check it out further.

I don't know anything about the shift in relationships between artists and musicians because I always try to maintain that relationship. I can't speak for anyone else though.

Wax: Alright last one... there's this whole election thing happen this year.  Are you planning to vote? Why or why not? 

Perry: Yes I'm planning to vote. You'd have to be a real jerk to not vote this year. Or too young hahah. But yes, I'm voting for Bernie because whether it's even likely he can make a lot of these things he wants to do happen, he is the best hope we have for the future. 

Shit is grim in this world and the least we can do is get someone who has real ideas of turning that around that doesn't involve hate or helping the rich get richer.


PUP Announces "The Dream Is Over" Release Date March 30, 2016 11:56

We're beyond stoked for the new PUP record and their debut song off "The Dream Is Over" confirms our excitement. We've got something up our sleeves with this guys hitting the store next week. Stay Tuned!

The Record releases May 27th!

Modern Baseball Pre - Order is live! March 29, 2016 23:14

We're excited to announce our pre-order for Modern baseballs new record Holy Ghost. We teamed up with artist Perry Shall to illustrate the record cover and release a limited edition 9"x12" screen printed poster. We will be printed 50 of these and that's it, so make sure you grab one before they're gone forever.

New PUP February 4, 2016 23:32

Oh shit! PUP's got a new song and we're beyond stoked. Word on the street is you'll be able to grab an exclusive of the new record right here at Wax Bodega...hint hint.

- Kyle

Dookie Turns 22! February 1, 2016 21:38

Today Green Days Dookie turns 22. Released in 1994 I was 9 years old and just barely discovering music beyond my moms Creedence Clear Water and James Taylor records. Dookie set the stage and opened up a world of punk and modern rock for me. It lead me to discover The Offsprings Smash and eventually Silverchair's Frog stomp (also an amazing record) in 1995 which was the first album I bought on CD. Which means at some point I had Dookie on cassette and I'm completely bummed I lost it like a chump.

Anyway, Dookie played a huge part in turning me onto music which ultimately became my life long obsession. If you don't have a copy of this influential record I highly suggest you pick one up. We conveniently have some available in the shop right now. You can also pick up some Green Day prints from our buddy Jared Scott if you really wanna nerd out.

- Kyle

New Basement is Now Available! January 31, 2016 13:07

 That's right, the new Basement record is finally here! We can't wait to catch them on tour with Defeater this spring. If you haven't heard the record yet you can stream it on Spotify OR you can head over to Noisey and stream the entire record.

- Kyle

Listen To Pinegrove...You wont be disappointed. January 31, 2016 13:06

Seems like out of no where all my friends are talking about this band Pinegrove. Usually I approach every suggestion with caution because there's so much new music happening that it all starts to blur together. But not Pinegrove. I'm genuinely excited to hear their new record and I applaud Run For Cover Records for supporting these guys.

- Kyle