Saying Goodbye to Motion City Soundtrack May 15, 2016 17:07

Motion City Soundtrack, The Spill Canvas, and Microwave came through Seattle last week.  Since I was home taking care of my newly born daughter Dylan, our good friend Kelly Mason was at the show ready to capture all the amazingness I missed.  Despite how amazing having a child is and I certainly wouldn't trade being home with her for anything, I was bummed I couldn't close the door to an over decade of great music and shows. 

When Commit This To Memory came out it hit me out of nowhere.  It was this perfect fusion of melody, story telling, punk, pop, rock and pure energy.  It was truly special. The impact these guys had on me and my friends was incredible and I wish them the best in whatever they are planing do now.   And lets be real...we can only hope this is short term.

Enjoy photos from their last show in Seattle.

- Kyle