Dookie Turns 22! February 1, 2016 21:38

Today Green Days Dookie turns 22. Released in 1994 I was 9 years old and just barely discovering music beyond my moms Creedence Clear Water and James Taylor records. Dookie set the stage and opened up a world of punk and modern rock for me. It lead me to discover The Offsprings Smash and eventually Silverchair's Frog stomp (also an amazing record) in 1995 which was the first album I bought on CD. Which means at some point I had Dookie on cassette and I'm completely bummed I lost it like a chump.

Anyway, Dookie played a huge part in turning me onto music which ultimately became my life long obsession. If you don't have a copy of this influential record I highly suggest you pick one up. We conveniently have some available in the shop right now. You can also pick up some Green Day prints from our buddy Jared Scott if you really wanna nerd out.

- Kyle