Goodbye (for now) Cleveland! March 21, 2018 16:15

First off... THANK YOU for nominating our small shop for the best record store in Cleveland (west)! We honestly didn't think anyone would think of us but your support continues to put a smile on our faces.   We are forever grateful to Cleveland and the Lakewood communities for breathing life into our doors.  We will never forget the friends we've made over this past year.  

Okay... now heres the shitty part. 

Unfortunately, this week, March 19 - 24 will be our last week in our Madison Ave store space. We loved being a part of this tight knit community but an opportunity arose that we simply cannot pass up so our little family (Dylan, Lauren & Kyle) has made the tough decision to relocate. We will be exploring all of our options to relaunch the Wax Bodega flagship store in a new location, but until we find the perfect space, we will continue selling your favorite records online alongside our monthly subscriptions.This week, march 19th through March 24th will be our last week in our Cleveland store space.  Please stop by the shop to grab the record you've been eying for sometime or simply give us a high five. We know this is all very sudden and we wish we had more time to say goodbye but we unfortunately need to vacate the location pretty quickly.

WE PLAN ON BEING BACK from time to time to support our friends festivals so please make sure to see us then.  

Before we close we want to make sure to thank a few specific people for being so supportive over the past year.  In no particular order. 

• Bravo Artist and Alex Tucker - We look forward to continuing partnerships with you guys even after the move.  You guys help bring this community together, don't ever stop.  

• Andy Wells - Always supporting us in any way possible, being great friend to our Daughter Dylan and of course, providing us with great photos and videos. Vote for him as Cleveland's best photographer HERE

• The Sonder Bombs - The world will soon know your great music and we're looking forward to see you travel the world.  Dylan will never settle for being a merch girl.  

• Randy Thomas - One of the most thoughtful customers we've had. Thank you for driving long distances to hang with us in the store. 

• Nikki Delamotte at - Thank you for covering our store and helping us raise awareness that we even existed.  Please continue to support local business and music.  


Kyle, Josh, Lauren, Dylan and Cali.