Carly Cosgrove

Rising from the fiercely DIY Philadelphia underground, Carly Cosgrove graft achingly vulnerable lyrics atop a bed of mathy rhythms, intricate guitar work and a penchant for indie-rock cool meets emo authenticity. Their debut album, 2022’s See You In Chemistry, was, in their own words, the sound of figuring life out in real time, tracing personal growth through anxiety, depression, indecision, and, ultimately, self-actualization.

That quest for the answers to life's big questions is never-ending, and it’s once again front and center on the band’s second album for Wax Bodega, The Cleanest of Houses Are Empty, as the trio – singer/guitarist Lucas Naylor, bassist Helen Barsz and drummer Tyler Kramer – find themselves face to face with the chronic emotional struggles that come with life in the modern age.


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