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Holy Fawn

Dimensional Bleed

Dimensional Bleed

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Physically tethered to this reality, yet creatively unmoored from any earthly restraints, Holy Fawn freely slip in and out of metal, shoegaze, electronic, alternative, and rock as if inhabiting multiple states of sonic existence all at once. Blazing new trails both seen and unseen as well as heard and unheard (but always felt), the Arizona quartet continue to cover uncharted territory on their second full-length offering, Dimensional Bleed.

Also available on Bandcamp.

Track Listing
Death Is A Relief
Lift Your Head
Empty Vials
Dimensional Bleed
Void of Light
True Loss
Blood Memory

Pressing Info

  • 250 - Oxblood and Black Galaxy
  • 250 - Neon and Black Galaxy (Zia Exclusive)
  • 300 - Neon Green (Banquet Records Exclusive)
  • 300 - Coke Bottle Clear and Black Splatter (Project M Exclusive)
  • 500 - Black and White A-Side/B-Side
  • 2000 - Coke Bottle Clear
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