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Hot Mulligan

I Won't Reach Out to You

I Won't Reach Out to You

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I Won’t Reach Out To You is a six-track EP that operates as a response to Hot Mulligan's 2020 full-length You’ll Be Fine. The EP is bookended on the first and last tracks by a resounding glance-back at a world that simply doesn’t exist anymore: “Stay home, stay home/You said it wouldn’t make a difference whether we could be together or not.”

Also available on Bandcamp.

Track Listing
One for the Boy
Featuring Mark Hoppus
Losing Days
Pop Shuvit (Hall of Meat, Duh)
Please Don't Cry, You Have Swag 

Pressing Info

Fifth Pressing

  • 200 - Orange and White A-Side/B-Side (Tour Exclusive)
  • 1800 - Orange and White Blend

Fourth Pressing

  • 1000 - Ultra Clear

Third Pressing

  • 1000 - Blue and White A-Side/B-Side

Second Pressing

  • 500 - Half Pink / Half Clear with White Splatter
  • 750 - Pink

First Pressing

  • 250 - Yellow with White Splatter (Banquet Records Exclusive)
  • 300 - Half Blue / Half White (Newbury Comics Exclusive)
  • 300 - Blue
  • 400 - White with Blue, Pink, Yellow Splatter
  • 600 - Galaxy Blue
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