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Free Throw

Lessons That We Swear to Keep

Lessons That We Swear to Keep

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Lessons That We Swear To Keep, the fifth full-length record from Nashville emo-punk outfit Free Throw, opens with a five-second haze of violin-like feedback before it hits the ground at a sprint: a thick, overdriven guitar, drums, and bass all slam in together with tight bursts and a bright guitar lead dancing behind the wall of sound. “It’s so crazy that as you’re aging, somehow things become so complicated,” vocalist and guitarist Cory Castro groans to start the record’s first verse.

In true Free Throw fashion, the record is marked with video game and TV references—Castro’s beloved Pokémon (“Cinnabar Island”), Outer Worlds (“Spacer’s Choice”), and Trailer Park Boys, for starters. But where previous releases centered on a cohesive theme, ready for dramaturgy and narration, Lessons That We Swear To Keep is about something even more immediate and formative, but less discussed: the grayness of everyday life.

Also available on Bandcamp.

Track Listing
A Part is Better Than Zero
Spacer's Choice
Replacing Leene's Bell
The Museum of Orphaned Concepts
So Yeah, So
Thanks For Asking
Into the Wind Stream
Joy Ephemeral
Cinnabar Island
Tips For Safe Travels
What Comes Around is All Around 

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  • 300 - Apple (Tour Exclusive)
  • 300 - Olive Green, Aqua, Apple 3-Color Segment
  • 400 - Aqua in Clear Color-in-Color
  • 1750 - Clear with Aqua, Apple, Oliver Green Splatter
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