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Mat Kerekes

You Look Like A Stranger

You Look Like A Stranger

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Mat wrote this record slowly over 6ish months. He didn’t make any demos. He wrote a song, fully recorded it and sent it off to be mixed immediately after. He enjoyed this process because he put lots of care into each individual track as there were no other demos or some form of task list on my mind while doing a song. Each track was fully hashed out, thought out, and fully realized before moving onto the next.

Mat wanted to make something that felt fresh as an artist. His solution to that was really experimenting with synthesizers and effects. He's not breaking any musical barriers with that idea, but all of that is something he's rarely toyed. Overall this is the best, most cohesive album Mat has ever made.

Also available on Bandcamp.

Track Listing 
…And Souls Don’t Die
Pick and Choose
I Don't Care If You're A Monster
We Hang Like Stars
Never Believed In Bad Luck
So Will We
Paper Dolls
How Lucky Am I?


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800 - Blue and Pink Marble

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